Alumni Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Alumni Colorado School of Mines

  • Stephen Frank, Ph.D. (co-advised by Prof. Sen),
    Thesis: "Optimal Design of Mixed AC-DC Distribution Systems for Commercial Buildings"
    Defense: May 2013
  • Timo Lohmann, Ph.D.
    Thesis: "Long-Term Power Generation Expansion Planning with Short-Term Demand Response:
    Model, Algorithms, Implementation, and Electricity Policies".

    Defense: May 2015
  • Gregory Steeger, Ph.D.
    Thesis: "Strategic Bidding for Price-Maker Hydroelectric Producers"
    Defense: December 2014
  • Vitaliy Krasko, Ph.d.
    Thesis: Optimal Natural Hazard Management for Post-Wildfire Debris Flows"
    Defense: December 2016